Women & Men Weekend Trips

Beth recently joined three women friends for a Friday – Sunday weekend of travel, food, life updates, and shopping.
These four departed knowing the where and some of the what of the weekend.
The joy, the fun of their time together was allowing the travel, day, and evening to unfold before
And, all of that was good, each returning with good energy, an appreciation for each other, and
an open calendar for a cooler, fall weekend.

Men, at least this guy and I think more men of 40+, would approach a similar summer weekend
Guys are more comfortable with an end goal, an objective for the weekend
Ballgames are good, also tennis courts and golf courses.
In the midday heat, perhaps late lunch shifting to conversation area chairs/sofas
Catch-up on family, work end goals, and the “what if’s” and next steps of life so far
Men return with good energy as well. More of a wave at the curb than a calendar

Both the leaving and the returning bring a freshness, good memories, to 7AM Monday.
Women and men are different.
Women and men are the same.

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