Why Do I Write?

As a writer of elder age, I am asked why I write stories. My desire is to Engage, I am Interested in how we/I meet and work through life's challenges.

I write from life events I have witnessed or from my "what if" idea bag. What if a shopping center Santa Claus, due to alcohol, was not allowed to see his own grandchildren? What if an elder woman is moving into an Assisted Living facility and is worried about her first hello? What if the first morning following the burial of his wife, the husband hears her voice?
I published a collection so we can talk to each other. I need your comments on my writing style or a story you liked so I can complete the Home page on my website.. There is a link, a bond between the writer of the words and the reader of those same words. We live on these pages together.

Roy Carroll  Bowen, M. Th.
Writer & Story Teller
Audio Stories At:   anchor.fm/roy-bowen

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