Roy’s Sunday Letter, June 5, 2022

* Beth has taught art to African American elders at Como Community Center for 9 months, volunteering each Wednesday. On Saturday, the Center hosted an all Art Day. Various artists, vendors, and classes were held. The elders had their own Art Show displaying their own art. Each elder was proud of their progress, working in various materials and styles. Beth "produced" the show with mats, frames, and African cloth donated by a neighbor. A wonderful day, and important day for these elders, their families, and their teacher too.

*** Our dear New Mexico friends continue with uncontained fire loss of home, animals, culture, and income. "GO" Bags at the door. All the loss, long-term damage was created by the US Forest Service starting "planned burns" without a plan. In Texas, our focus is guns, the murder of children, our gutless governor and whether the next gun deaths will be road rage, social event, or shopping or medical center. A true saying, "We are what we Value. In Texas our dominant Value is guns.

* Several SL readers appreciated the encouragement to practice "The Sense Of Awe," an essential element to the mental, emotional, and spiritual health for both the young and those not. Photos on your phone, looking up and around as you walk, giving an encouraging smile to someone you pass in the market, or just being still, quiet, thankful.

** The announcement of how to order my book will soon be announced. Stripe will be payment source. Beth and I are planning on local book signing and also a FBook book launch. I will be donating a % of sales to those making the world better. On June , the 2nd MeetUp group for writers will gather at Barnes and Noble.

* More Encouragement: "The time for you to announce a new goal is never past. You are never too young or elder to know magical people, or to be that magical person for someone else. Now is the time and space to transform challenges, to trip over opportunities, to be your true intended self." (Adapted)

** Good article this week linking the Pace of your walking to lowering the risk of Dementia. As we age, perhaps our walking pace slows. So, pick-up those feet and walk your way to health and wellness.

* In the 1960s and 70's Dr. Alice Wonders was the department chair of Religion at Texas Wesleyan.. The first woman in the US to be so. This week Frank, Chuck, and I, as alumni, accepted 7 boxes of books from her library. Her granddaughter was our donor, our sharer of heritage. As we placed her books on shelves I told my peers this was Sacred Time.

This week I was saddened beyond sad to learn of the killings, the deaths of children and teachers in Uvalde.
This week I was brightened to witness children comforting children, telling each they are not alone, show physical, emotional, and spiritual support.
If these children can touch, give comfort, face each other through their tears, then so can I

Roy, Sacred Time

Roy Carroll Bowen, M. Th.
Writer & Story Teller
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