Roy’s Sunday Letter, June 19, 2022

     ** Do you love the printed page (or did before ebooks)?? "Hello, Bookstore" is an intimate documentary of the now aging owner of his beloved bookstore, and his supporters in Lenox, Mass.  Matt Tannenbaum is the town's bookseller, through the Pandemic, the economy slowing, and growth of Amazon and digital/audio books.YouTube has trailers and short interview clips of Matt and his daughter Swaneee.  Give yourself  the "warm, good feeling" of knowing Matt answers the phone, "Hello, Bookstore"
* On June 19, 1865, Union troops landed on the Texas coast. They brought the message of freedom, of emancipation of enslaved African-Americans.Opal Lee, retired educator, has advocated for decades for Juneteenth to be recognized for its meaning and heritage. On Saturday, in 98 degree heat, at age 95, Ms. Lee led the 2.5 mile Freedom
Walk. She is a local, state, and national Hero, representing courage, belief in what's right, and freedom for us all.
     ** A Sunday Letter reader sent me this note:  "My caretaking of others needs a caretaker"
Planet Word is a new child oriented museum in DC.Planet Word's purpose is to encourage young people to know, to appreciate, and to increase the use of words. Three floors of exhibits are voice activated, with integrated sound, art, and movement. In the digital age of the Cloud for the young child, these exhibits say touch, see, and use words.
     ** This week I am learning Aweber Emails....perhaps replacing my traditional Gmail distribution.
* A Catholic Bishop declared a community school could no longer have the word Catholic in their name. The school flags included Black Lives Matter and LGBT.  Of course, the good Bishop did not fund even $1 of the school's budget. Give the good Bishop the irrelevant crayon and school leadership and students a high five.
A chapter heading in Radical Compassion reads true to our at times over-whelming and confusing daily world: "Do not try to save the whole world or do anything grandiose. Instead, create a clearing in the dense forest of your own life."  Comment: Perhaps we can all be "clearing creators," not only for our world, but also for those individuals, families, and groups of others around us. Our Tshirt might read, Less tangles
                                                                                                      More  clearings
Roy, hoping SL readers enjoy, appreciate my stories
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