Roy’s Sunday Letter, June 12, 2022

* First encouraging and celebrative news:

Diebeda Francis Kere  has been awarded the Pritzker Prize as Architect of the Year for 2022
Born in an African village  with no school, Kere's determined way carried him through education to become an Architect
His education and public place design are astounding, pleasing, functional, and magical. Find him on YouTube, 60 Minutes report as well.
     ** Now, not encouraging or celebrative news. A new term has appeared: "Sportswashing"
Millionaire golfers are branding themselves with Saudi millions, to be awarded more millions. The Saudi funded LIV tour
Dismiss comments of "I just want to play golf" or "I am doing this for my family."
The Saudi 's murdered  American journalist Jamal Khashoggi, executed 81 men just because, and do not recognize or value women....and more
* Jean was 104.9 when she recently died. Here are a few of the wonderful words spoken at her remembering service.
While her son Tom was grumbling while changing a flat tire on a west Texas road, she pointed out the beauty of a nearby flower and color....Content not complaint...she had an authentic presence whether garden or was to be experienced, enjoyed and she invited us tplo do the same...accepted the limitations of age, comfortable with a life well lived...welcoming to friends and the tomorrows before her.
     ** Let Me Tell You A Story update. I continue to add photos and content to the WordPress site Tim is constructing . Next week, really, the site will be up and ready for book purchase. I still plan/hope for local reading and signing and also FBook also. And, perhaps an EBook.
Tim will guide me to have the Sunday Letter on the site as a Blog. I am learning Aweber's email formats for next Sunday. New days are unfolding all around us all.
* At 5pm Friday, Beth and i were on a Happy Hour zoom with our dear Santa Fe friend Linda. How delightful. We will do this again.
Jesus, we are shown how our US and international world is so divided, becoming more dangerous for both  young and elders.
We tend to live within smaller spaces, staying in our lane, not wanting to hear of another shooting, but knowing we will
Jesus, we are only our true selves as we touch, connect, talk to a stranger while in market line or oil change lobby.
Like you, we know the damage of divisions, and the grace and healing of reaching across, of seeking a life of connections.
The wise teachings of Thich Nhat Hanh, Nalalie Goldberg, Thomas Merton, and Anne Lamott, join the Jesus narratives in showing us how best to live openly and fully, and sometimes the cost of doing so.
Roy, only me as connected to you


Roy Carroll  Bowen, M. Th.
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