Roy’s Sunday Letter, July 17, 2022

* For SL readers over 50 I would say these titles of time and heritage have little current meaning, and/or less and less relevant

Younger SL readers, in general, pay little attention, nor care about these old style words, lacking action or values
If we must apply tag lines to identify the non-leaders i recommend:

** Most enjoyable, learning, Netflix watch this week:
Seeing Allread. A film on the young, middle, and current times of Gloria Allread. She has been a driven, determined champion of women, showing courage, skills, and even grace and patience for my adult life. We especially enjoyed her young life before and after college....all new information. Thank you Gloria!

* For younger SL readers, Lady Bird Johnson was wife of Lyndon Johnson, US President after the murder of John Kennedy (1960's). A SL friend reminded of a Lady Bird saying relevant for July 2022. "All that noise and discord you hear....messy though it may seem....these are the sounds of freedom, how we get it, how we keep it." (adapted)

** It is a compliment when a book purchaser writes, "I read half your book the first night....I will finish tonight."
As writer guy, my first thought,"Wait, wait....slow down." My 1st story "Willow & Ave. M" in 2015. Years of story writing later, 32 of my now 70 stories included in Let Me Tell You A Story. After purchase, my stories belong to the reader. Enjoy each page, every story.

* If you search to find what may be the most enjoyable TV shows for you & family, here are two of ours.
1. CBS Sunday Morning (8 - 9:30 am), 5 stories that inform and show about our world, with closing nature minute of goodness
2. Real Sports, HBO. Hosted by Bryan Gumbel. For 20 yrs, Real Sports presents interviews and event profiles found nowhere else

** An artist friend was invited to share her approach, style, and the "why" of her art. She was nervous. She was open and trusting to say, "I am scared." She received and accepted positive, supportive, and helpful suggestions on her 10 minute presentation. And, she relaxed into trusting herself, had fun, and received "you were great" comments. How many of we SL readers have a challenge or barrier to who we are and how we want our lives to be? 1) Disclose, tell trusted friends, 2) Ask for and take in supportive help. My artist friend can't wait to present again. We each build our confidence as we shake hands with ourselves and the successes we create.

Roy, with the enjoyment of each of you this Sunday

Roy Carroll Bowen, M. Th.
Writer & Storyteller
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