Roy’s Sunday Letter for September 4, 2022

  •  Richard Rohr and Harvey Cox reminds us Jesus taught mostly by story...stories about weddings, banquets, farmers, families, and business. 35% of the first 3 Gospels teach life and faith wisdom through the telling of stories. My Walking Prayers are my attempt to do the same.

** In a Fiction read, a 7 yr. old son is having a bad day, won't dress, won't eat. The wise mother tells her son, "I am declaring a Day Of Enjoyment." Mom and son then decide on what would be the right parts of a Day Of Enjoyment. I wonder if this would work for staff or offices?

  • Say What?: 1) I am in car listening to classical music (WRR 101.1) at 5:15pm. Announcer says, "And now for our Road Rage Sonata.... (soft piano music); 2) Today I received an online ad for an oil change from Just Tires.

** Serena Williams, soon 41, lost her last match to 29 yr old. She began her career in 1995 at 16.  Serna is a true GOAT, champion, leader, and class professional. She will join Tiger, LeBron Opra, and other GOATs on corporate boards, branding ads, and her foundations and causes will create opportunities for a healthy planet, communities, and families.

  • Following a Cincinatti mass shooting, The Mayor declared, "As long as we dissolve disputes with a gun, we will not have safe schools, shopping, or neighborhoods." Ozzy and Sharon Osborne have lived in the US for 25 years. They are moving back to London..."America is no longer safe place to live and work." Both statements true. Random disputes over driving, fresh fries, or political view decrease the safety of us all.

** I attended an Open Mic evening at local coffee house. I read my verse, 19 and 2, dedicated to the children and teachers killed by gun in Uvalde on May 27. Richard and Beth helped me to shift my draft of Brice's Last Day, from 3rd to 1st person, a story of long-time pastor's wife finding her own voice, her own life, her own calendar.

  • Anyone can send me a Comment using the brown card on the Sunday Letter page. I read each and will send reply. We learn together, tis the only way.

Roy, wondering what my own "next" will be


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