Roy’s Sunday Letter for October 30, 2022

  • * My 2nd career as writer has become my passion. I care deeply for the ever-evolving characters in my stories. Each tell their own story, face challenges, make decisions made and take steps to be their true selves. I am always interested in what character, what story finds a place within you.

** In the past month Beth and I have attended several annual or fall meetings. Of these, one was planned in the best of ways. Others not. Here are ‘must do’s” for a pleasing, successful meeting. 1) Do not assume, Ask those attending what would be helpful or important to know; 2) If speakers, give time limits and how each will contribute to the over-all program, 3) If presenting information by power-point, have a purpose and a limited number, 4) Respect your audience by beginning and ending as announced.

  • The National Center For Education Statistics reported a decline in early child and teen learning. Some of the reasons include the sudden shift from classrooms to home learning, impact of Covid across families and cities, along with challenges to educators to prepare and teach in new ways. The report highlighted a decline in 8th grade math as a significant time when students, especially girls, make decisions about their future interest and learning in math and science.

** From Real Change, Sharon Salzberg: “We connect by recognizing ourselves in one another.” This well worded wisdom assumes 1) we actually want to recognize ourselves 2) we value being connected. Today’s political reality allows the dehumanizing of individuals and groups. The result is the risk of physical, emotional, and spiritual violence and harm, with lack of our leaders saying Stop, Not OK.

  • Netflix Recommendation: Chef’s Table – Pizza. Chefs from Canada, Japan, Portland, NY City show reconnections to the land, marketing strategies, and a determined dedication to the creation of pizza for the enjoyment of those who come to their table. The 6 episodes will broaden the ordering or making of your next pizza.

** Our Nonprofit Team in Santa Fe will present a zoom training for volunteer board members on Nov. 15th. I will be host and guide, along with two local executive directors and board president. No plan for power point. The approach is to bring those attending into an active conversation, no passive bystanders.

  • The mid-term elections will soon take place. Dire warnings of chaos, the end of democracy, take our country back, even physical harm to those helping us vote. And yes, voting outcomes are critical indicators for the two years to come. My earlier training in chaos theory reminds me, and you, the real truth is what we do and be post-election: Woe is us….Resist….Encouraged with progress….More fearful….Leaders calling us to listen, to show respect, seek middle ground. In my life thus far, this election and the post-election period to come, is in the top three of my 78 years.

Roy, Ready for what is, what will be


  1. Roy Bowen on October 31, 2022 at 7:14 am

    Beth helped to improve the first draft… always. And bless her for doing and beeing so….

  2. Amanda de la Torre on November 3, 2022 at 12:09 pm

    Roy, all the best for your upcoming board training on the 15th. It’s brave to fly without a Powerpoint these days, but you are right that there will be more engagement when the focus remains on the people in the (virtual) room.

    • Roy Bowen on November 6, 2022 at 10:43 am

      My early on training and experiences was how to walk into a room of unknowns, be comfortable, find my way.
      Icea tea or coffeee shop, face to face, find a table
      I view most power point as I do cell phones. Yes, each is a tool, most time an intrusion and barrier to communications
      I will report back post 11/15….

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