Roy’s Sunday Letter for October 23, 2022

  • SL Reader Comments – What Is Still True? The everyday joy of grandkids….Smiling at children, and their smiles back….Connecting with college and Ft. Worth friends of long ago….Page one of a wonderous book, on whatever device….Pleasure in the shape and taste of homemade pizza. Other comments: Health & wellness; Happiness of family; Tears as sons and daughters leave home to begin their own journey; Car batteries that start; Pets with us now and those no longer, each a forever part of us.

** At whatever life stage, we are busy people with calendars, watches, flights, and cell phones. My morning book on mindfulness recommended the Practice of Pause. Pause in the going and coming, fast talking, from making up leaving late by faster, faster. The writer called this “Practice” …. I know I will need to “practice” before Pause becomes my true Practice.

  • In scanning New Fiction at the library there was a science fiction book of 795 pages. Most of my stories are 2 – 4 pages. Obviously, there is a market for this writer, the story line, and patience to read 795 pages.

** Beth and I are concerned about and with friends near and friends far, whether the concern is health, family, vocation, spiritual, or worry in so many challenging parts of life and aging. Our concern may be expressed by a call, text, slow mail, or prayer and lovingkindness meditations. In our sharing of concerns, we also recognize and support friends, over-all, doing well. I think of this as “encouraging the encouraged.”

  • Something I Sometimes Forget: Learn to sit back and observe; not everything in life needs an immediate reaction (from Facebook post).

** My friend Robin has encouraged me to record new stories on my Anchor audio file. I have 20 writings ready to add, in addition to the 25 already recoded. Go To: anchor.FM/roy.bowen. Keep checking…probably 2 weeks to complete all recordings. New Stories: Talking To Granny — Brice’s Last Day — My First Mentor — Women & Men — Am I Too Old, Really? — More

  • A reading in “Real Change” by Sharon Salsberg about Physical Therapy: Being unsteady in a PT exercise is not about wavering or being unsteady, but more about the body seeking ways to restore and rebalance. In the same way, when we are seeking new spiritual or emotional wisdom, what might look like wavering or even wandering, is how we find and know our true, emerging self.

**The October 16th book signing was so many things, magical and wonderful for two. Old friends, young friends and new friends saying hello. Writing was modeled for me by my dear grandfather. Being able to honor him by reading “Letters from the Farm” was proper and good. His love for me is timeless as well as mine for him.

Roy, Memories of the pleasure and relationships of October 16th.

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