Roy’s Sunday Letter for August 7, 2022

  • Beginning Positive: PBS TV has ongoing show titled The Green Planet, hosted by David Attenborough. For 35 minutes David tells/shows all the damage caused by we humans, invasive growth, worn out soil. From California, to rainforests, to Hawaii. THEN, in 15 minutes David saves the planet with balancing crops and soil, using helicopters, village sling shots, and more. Yeah David!

** I have two SL readers who tell me I am the most liberal person they know, and the Sunday Letter keeps them in the know of what liberals are thinking. I keep writing, they keep reading. We are good.

  • Brittany Grinder, 31. Caught up in a bully world not of her making. Be home soon BG.
  • Bill Russell, 88. He grew me up, black & white TV, grace, pose, and desire to win. In the 1950’s and 60’s he lived a daily life in Boston I did not know or understand. Thank you Bill Russell!
  • Vin Scully, 94. Dodger baseball, vibrant voice, one microphone, one man, one game. 67 years.

** A specialist in Boston street gangs is always asking his guys, “We can solve this by….” lf I could fill a church basement with street gang guys, election deniers, climate change advocates, women seeking empowerment, & even a Senator from South Carolina, then my friend Marsie and I would probe about what and who to build, not tear down or block. We can be as determined in building as the tear downers and blamers. The Boston specialist also says, “If we don’t solve, we get what we get.”

  • What are 2 of your best memory of a face, an event, others? As one who began my vocation in 1970, i have many marvelous images and stories. I choose 2 to tell you about in my posted Roy The Elder blog “I Am More Than A Memory.” Read and enjoy….& tell me about your special memories.

** Best Quote This Week: “We have a duty to act.” Pick a subject or banner to carry. There is enough “to act on” for each of us, all of us.

  • Sharing My Week: In my writer world I post in or pay attention to: LinkedIn…Creative Writer’s Meetup…Twitter…Facebook…Durotrope (magazines)…Anchor (audio)…Gmail (3 accounts) …Ft. Worth Report…Score…Mailerlite3…book orders…I write and post Roy’s Sunday Letter and a weekly Roy The Elder blog. More to learn, corrections, and a trip to post office to mail my book to a reader.

Roy, Blessed with Beth’s beauty, presence, and true partnership in our daily lives and decisions


  1. mike davis on August 8, 2022 at 7:56 am

    Good morning Roy..

    Read a story about the Great Barrier Reef on the regrowth and mend.. Glad to see the doom and gloom in your first segment balanced by some optimism and accomplishment.. life is still a joy and we are very blessed…

    you are certainly one of the most liberal folks I know and I am still reading and learning.. thanks for this..

    BG… she is American and should come home.. (don’t forget about the detained Marine).. to flip the coin.. one travels abroad one has to be responsible to know what can and can’t get you in trouble.. pot products are viewed elsewhere as they are here… she is an adult.. SHE SHOULD KNOW THIS.. combine that with her refusal to stand for the the anthem.. I struggle to generate much pity.. I also struggle with trading a convicted international arms dealer for her release.. that is right up there with golfing with the Saudi’s…. just some thoughts hear that have been presented to me on this subject.. ( I just spent a few days at a family reunion in Washington, not far from the roundabout slide… my cousin is 12 years older and did two tours in Vietnam.. understandably his perspective toward BG isn’t as gentle as yours… )…

    was a great reunion.. has been going on for 60+ years.. ages 82 to 7. months.. very blessed to be allowed to join in..

    We do have a duty to act and we must..

    Thanks for the letter Roy. Happy Monday to you.. back in the saddle and will get on that proof mod soon…

  2. mike davis on August 8, 2022 at 7:58 am

    sorry for the typos…. my bad

    pot products are NOT viewed elsewhere as they are here…

    some thoughts here that have been presented to me…

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