Roy’s Sunday Letter for August 21, 2022

  • Beginning Positive: 988 is now the national number to call for traditional Suicide Prevention. 988 is still in initial roll out, promising increased response consistency and accessibility.

** In past weeks, 3 raccoons have visited back garden nightly. Turning over birdbaths, digging up plants, more. This AM we had our first raccoon in our rented trap. Released in wooded area. We hope to release two others in same area. Older neighborhood with alley, long ago forgotten by City.

  • A local school Superendentent said this: “This is a time within Education of unlimited expectations and limited resources.” This statement could easily apply to numerous public areas (transportation, food supply, financial capacity, leaders elected to lead, but do not, and more)

** From Salman Rushdie, poet, recovering from public knife attack: ” A poem cannot stop a bullet, a novel can’t defuse a bomb. But we are not hopeless. We can sing and speak the truth and name the liars.”

  • When you hear an emergency siren at 4:30 AM do you give a brief thought of the who and what of the medical, fire, or police 911 call? Different at 11:30 AM, or 5:00PM? Even a few seconds for a
    “be safe, be well” may be the best nod to someone/s unknown.

** Organizations and businesses are at their best with established HR protocols with employees and clients and visitors. This week in Covid messaging I hear and read: “Mask Required….If You Have Your Shots, No Mask Required….Proof of Shots Required For Entry….No Shots Required.” Each medical office, market, music or sporting event different, or presenting mixed messages. Youth, workplaces, shoppers, and those playing an event are confused, as are we all. The outcome, too often, leads to conflict, even physical harm. “Clarity” is a Value but not present for now.

  • From The Writing Desk: Due publishing the Sunday Letter on mailing platforms (Mailerlite), I complete and Publish this weeks Sunday Letter before Saturday Noon on my web site, Stories & Blogs. Anyone wanting an early read, can do so. I am positing a brief blog each week under Roy The Elder on same web site. I am considering adding a verbal Podcast along with the written Blog. Post Comments on my site….each one read and valued.


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