Roy’s Sunday Letter for August 14, 2022

  • Beginning With Positive: I am humbled to have read the print book “We Are Not Here To Be Bystanders, A Memoir by Lindas Sarsour. At age 19, she began wearing the hijab, traditional head covering of Muslim women. She writes, “I am a first-generation Palestinian American Muslim.” Her memoir of extended family, experiencing 9/11, growing into a national leader and speaker. The chapter, “Silence Will Not Protect You” is a call for common ground and respect for all.

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  • Beth is lactose intolerant. Once a week we have a McDonald’s Sauage Burrito, “one without cheese please.”Three McDonalds tell us “they come frozen, nothing we can do.” One Manager and her teenage crew never fail to say, “Of course” and somehow, they do. Leadership at the street level.

** National news, accusations, denials, loud voices and head shaking brings to mind Shakespear’s Julius Caesar script: “Cry Havoc….Let slip the dogs of war” (apologies to all dogs)

  • My university in FW hosts a community resource center, staffed by faculty and business majors. The surrounding neighborhood is called Poly or Polytechnic, the streets of my youth. I hope to use my yrs. as Score Mentor, to assist residents, most young with a vision. A pay back, a wraparound of age.

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The best way to move through the rock and roll of not always pleasant “Breaking News” would be 1) both feet on the floor/grounded, 2) filter from your own life values and culture, 3) settle yourself, be still, quiet, 4) then decide what of Breaking News to take-in, what to let pass on by, perhaps talk with/Face Time/text with trusted friend or life partner.

Roy, my own boots on the ground, filtering, deciding, talking/listening with Beth, always


  1. mike davis on August 14, 2022 at 7:59 am

    Good morning Roy and great letter.. wonderful advice on how to take in the breaking news… so much coming at us, so much nonsense from all sides… there are some good nuggets, but often hidden…

    There is not enough focus on what is good for our country.. save the whales but let the peasants starve and suffer.. some of it just doesn’t make sense..

    interesting Mickey D story… Leadership at the street level is where it is often times most effective…

    treading digital water conjurs up a vivid image in mind’s eye.. thank you.. I must be honest knowing I am not alone with this struggle to float and tread…

    Loo’s sister and bro in law in town.. we rang Betty yesterday and sang happy birthday.. she sounded great and very happy… she is looking forward to y’all’s visit…

    Happy Sunday Roy .. hugs to you and Beth.. md

  2. Linda M on August 14, 2022 at 9:29 am

    Darling Friend—-your writing assistant sure is beautiful. As are you. My love to you, Beth and Jazz!

    • Roy Carroll Bowen on August 31, 2022 at 9:21 am

      I so very much appreciate your thoughts….each one read more than once
      You continue to unfold the you that is you in front of us all
      An honor to be at the table….more to come

  3. Robin Easton on August 14, 2022 at 11:33 am

    Happy Sunday, dear Roy!
    I enjoyed your newsletter, and I was deeply touched by the beautiful humanity of the people in your McDonald’s story. What beautiful souls to put kindness over convenience or rules, or “this is how it’s done.” Stories, or rather experiences like that give me so much hope for humanity.

    Also, I find your advice about “breaking news” very, very solid. Wonderful ‘how-to,” practical advice. I agree with every single point. In fact, I think if we do NOT follow those steps, we either start drowning (and even wallowing) in unproductive emotions such as self-pity, hopelessness, and so on, or we end up believing everything we hear/read when it just might be false information, or not the whole story, etc. Neither of those responses is helpful to ourselves, our families, or the world. Your advice is powerful medicine, my friend, very wise. If we want to expend energy, we might consider expending it on something that restores life, peace, and well-being in the world. I guess that comes from my days as an active environmentalist who fought to save wild untouched areas. We lost some areas, but we DID save others. And, that gave me hope. 🙂

    Thank you, Roy. Huge hugs to you and Beth.

    PS: After living twenty-five years in New Mexico, we are experiencing the most ‘normal’ and yet astounding monsoon season, with rain almost every day. It’s made all the more remarkable after suffering possibly the worst drought and the largest fires in New Mexico history. But the rain comes and with it brings the GREEN!

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