Roy’s Sunday Letter December 5, 2022

  • I have completed a series of Physical Therapy education, retraining and strengthening with Ken, a true professional. A new learning is how repeated exercises of small muscles will strengthen larger muscles and smoother/stronger walking, rising from a chair…..more.

** A Buddhist temple in northern Thailand has closed. Four monks and the Abbott have entered rehab for methamphetamine addiction. The villagers living around the temple are upset. The villagers earned “goodness” points by providing food to the monks. A cycle of connected lives interrupted.

  • I attend a monthly Open Mic night at a local coffee shop. There are usually 5 to 7 who attend. Usually, a mix of guitars/original music, poets, and several writers of stories. I have also “spoken” my stories as storyteller, not writer. When I attend the benefits are1) feel the energy by being with other creatives, 2) to hear my story out loud, so different than reading on screen or paper, and 3) to practice reading to an audience. Anyone else have an Open Mic story?

From last week, the Buffy Saint-Marie message lingers: “The key is remaining just aloof enough from a painting (or writing – RB note) so that you know when to stop.”

  • In a news report a climate advocate used the term “Climate Justice.” The term is empowering, a claiming of power and right cause.

** On a zoom call Friday, a friend who knows the big theological picture, told us during Covid thousands and thousands of Lutheran and Episcopel priests retired or left active ministry. The reasons vary from health, age, challenges of being “the face” of a local or national movement, or the wear down of growing criticism, and losing or limiting the role of independent leader. I am confirming the significant number for next Sunday.

  • Good, honest conversation with long-time friend Tom about my next steps are as Writer. I told Tom I was moving from defining my 2nd career as a writer to broadening my future contribution to role as Communicator…whatever paper, screen, camera, digital pad, blog, podcast, audience, platform or package. Whatever Communicator may mean for me, I will explore, including writing always.

** I wanted to donate my book of short stories of FW Library, beginning with the branch library nearest to me. Sound simple, right? Almost two months later, and multiple calls, I now find out i am “in line for cataloging.” No explanation of what that means, or time-frame. Disappointing. But then, again, my view small….the Central library’s systems of “this is how we do things” of course larger, more complex. I can hear my friend Steve saying, “Patience, pilgrim, patience.,”

Roy, healthy once again


  1. Martha Richardson on December 4, 2022 at 9:25 am

    Try donating your book so some of the small town libraries nearby. Most would willingly accept it and would probably have more readers than the big public library.
    We’ve had local authors donate books to the Kimble County Library and they seem to be appreciated. I think your stories would resonate with Kimble County readers.
    I can research how to do this, if you are interested.

    • Roy Bowen on December 5, 2022 at 11:49 am

      Monday morning….your recommendation right idea, right time. My initial desire to donate locally seems more of a bother than a pleasure to the FW Library, Admin. Open to what find out and recommend, and Thank You!!

  2. Linda M on December 4, 2022 at 12:44 pm

    Open Mic story: We just completed our annual graduation held at the James A. Little Theater to an audience of 500 people. Our amazing host Ali MacGraw always delights with her goodness and honesty and love of Assistance Dogs of the West. I always present as well; and because I’m deeply moved by the privilege of working with our amazing team of people and canines, I sometimes tear up in front of everyone—not a big boo hoo, but a pause. I’m never, ever embarrassed by that moment, but rather filled with gratitude. Love you Roy, always friend.

    • Roy Bowen on December 5, 2022 at 11:46 am

      Yes, you have been successful in doing it all in public, in front of us all. Like the swan peddling like crazy below the surface and with beauty and grace above.
      Let’s get you well and even more well in December…..

  3. Frank Long on December 4, 2022 at 3:23 pm

    Yes, you are a communicator. You can breathe in and out in a moment of grief and communicate through facial features and head tilt what you are communicating. No words necessary.
    You can write, you can be on tv, you can do open mic nights, you can send op-ed pieces to the local paper, you can write books and poems, you can just walk into a room and say, “I’ve been thinking” and that commands people to listen.

    • Roy Bowen on December 5, 2022 at 11:43 am

      You are indeed gracious…and kind. Beth told me I was being overly dramatic.
      Painters of canvas become Artists by making cards, Christmas tree decorations, and more
      In the same I attempted to use words to convey the shift as writer (pen/paper and keyboard) to other/more platforms.
      All new for me but everything in the past two years has been new as well. We Continue ON!!

  4. Robin Easton on December 5, 2022 at 12:35 pm

    Dear Roy, I just LOVE that you are participating in Open Mic!! That is just so wonderfully reflective of how alive, courageous, and adventurous is your spirit. I wish I was there to see you. That thought led me to think that maybe you could have someone video your storytelling or reading, and then have Tim or someone else upload it to your website. I strongly feel that it would be a life-giving and refreshing experience for people to actually SEE you reading or ‘telling.’ That visual makes you more real to them. It does not even have to be a good quality recording…even a cell phone video would work. These days, people are very used to Cell-recordings. I see them all the time, even on highly professional and visible websites (people that might be considered ‘famous’).

    I used to do Open-mic (reading original short stories, essays, poetry, etc) when I first arrived in Santa Fe, NM, but eventually that rolled over into public speaking for large groups. But I know from our group zoom meetings that you have a rare mix of being wonderfully lively (and captivating)…and incredibly stabilizing. I know you are tackling a lot, so it’s just an idea….but one that I feel would really work for your listeners. I could easily watch videos of your Open-mic nights. You could even open a Youtube page, it’s easy, and upload the videos there, then just put a link to the video in your SL. Or Tim (or whoever) could create a page on your site with all of the videos.

    I really enjoyed this SL so much and I am relieved that you are “healthy once again.” That is SUCH good news.

    Also, Roy, this made me howl with laughter. It is just so droll and human. I love it. >>> “I am confirming the significant number for next Sunday.” Your humor is SO refreshing, the reader can’t always tell when you are serious or or tongue-in-cheek. That’s what makes your humor (or not humor) so much fun!! I think that’s what makes me laugh so hard. Lol 🙂

    Sendimg you all my best.
    Robin, now, totally delighted.

    • Roy Bowen on December 5, 2022 at 1:45 pm

      In 2015, recently full-time in Santa Fe, I drafted my first story….284 words……twas all I had to say.
      First line, “I want to tell you about Daniel, my son. I am his mother.:
      I heard OpCid, a 2ns hand bookstore in SFe.
      I took my one story to Open Mic night at Op Cid.
      A good response.
      So, I wrote a 2nd story.

      Next Sunday, I now have the facts: During Covid, 33% of Lutheran and 222% of Episcopel priests left ministry, all one or more of the reasons I mentioned Sunday.

      Thanks for encouragement.

      We continue with faith, humor, and belief in the future of us all………Roy

  5. owen kunkle on December 5, 2022 at 2:49 pm

    Hi Roy,
    I assume that the 222% of Episcopal clergy is a misprint, but the facts are clear. In our recent search for a new rector at St. Bede’s in Santa Fe, we had only two applicants. Fortunately we liked one of them. In the Episcopal Church, there is only 1 priest for every 3 vacancies. We are lucky to have 2 priests and we also have at least 10 retired ones.
    Blessings, Owen

    • Roy Bowen on December 5, 2022 at 4:03 pm

      my insider friend has told our zoom group that 33% of Lutheran and 22% of Episcopel priests resigned their church position, role, and responsibilities as an outcome at the end of Covid. I do not have a way of translating % to actual numbers. But, significant % it seems to me.

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