I Am More Than A Memory

As an elder of years, and as an Executive Director type since 1970, I have more than a few wonderful memories. Two are special, forever memories.

In 1995, as ED at Family Support Services in Amarillo, my revenue budget told me I needed a new fundraiser. About 6 of us gathered in the board room for two hours. Of all the fundraisers we could list on a white board, one word was not listed: Harley’s. We outlined what we called The Original Harley Party, a reverse drawing, fun event for Harley riders and FSS supporters. Last weekend the 27th Original Harley Party was held, still a reverse drawing, still fun. Proud of all the faces, supporters, and Harleys.

Beth, wife and LPC Therapist, and Tricia, her LPC friend, began The Hope & Healing Place, A Grief & Loss Center for Children & Families. HHP is staff and volunteer led. There are activities for every age group, “4 to 104.” Death impacts the whole family, therefore at HHP the whole family comes. In February 2023, HHP will have served children, parents, and grandparents for 20 years. Beth and Tricia are the founders, and they gave me the opportunity as ED as well.

At 78, I am adding new memories. Story and book publishing, mentoring younger nonprofit leaders as 8 yr. Score mentor, and supporting Beth as community volunteer and staff contributor in local nonprofit. Memories from past days. Building new memories in the Now of 2022.


  1. mike davis on August 8, 2022 at 8:08 am

    Very good work here Roy and proud for y’all for these accomplishments and legacies….

    I have been blessed with much and many memories.. just one off the top.. driving up to LA with sole purpose of picking Loo’s uncle up and taking him for a cheeseburger.. he was 90 at the time and no longer driving.. most of his time spent at home… a lot of that time alone.. his favorite spot was Bob’s Big Boy..just he and I in a booth, double cheeseburger with fries.. would take him an hour to eat it but would clean his plate every time… I was blessed to have met him and despite our huge differences on politics and such, became very close to him.. he passed a few years back . Pasquale Desimone… he graduated UCLA and was involved in some of the secret NASA stuff that got us to the moon. a great painter of impressionist art and a loud and outspoken Italian.. a good man..

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