A Blog For Tim

The decision to choose a partner is different than a consultant.

I recently faced this challenge. I had published a book, a printed collection of 32 of my short stories. A writer’s web site was needed to promote the book and provide a platform for book sales. After several false starts I had the opportunity to meet Tim and his business model, SmartWebNow.

He talked. I talked. From Ft Worth to Santa Fe needs, wants, and ideas went back and forth. We shook digital hands. We began as an 85 – 15% partnership, with Tim developing, directing and my following, stumbling, slowly gaining information and a limited working knowledge of symbols and words not within my experience.

Then, out there beyond all I knew, we launched https://royswritings.com. A Bio, book image of Let Me Tell You A Story, Stripe as payment source, and the important site bar, Stories & Blogs. I now post Roy’s Sunday Letter and also weekly blogs under Roy The Elder. Now, Tim and I more 60 – 40%. Tim still leading, me, still in a determined stumble sometimes sideways, mostly forward.

Tim and I have grown into an appreciation of the other, blending skills, effort, visible outcomes, and next steps. I am not Tim’s only client. For me, writing, postings, sells have broadened as more of my stories are recorded on Anchor, magazine stories through Durotrope, local writers gather monthly through Meetup, and ideas of what to do, how to do, come from a wider circle of writers and friends. Tim’s circle is also growing wider through faculty role with community college, and a growing diversity of client wants and needs.

What happens with Tim the person is important to me, as I believe what happens to me important to Tim. We are handshake partners in what was, what is, and what may be.

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