Let Me Tell You A Story by Roy Carroll Bowen

Let Me Tell You A Story


From his southwest background, Roy highlights life through his stories, some humorous and other thought-provoking reflections told through his unique way of communicating everyday experiences.
– Captain Dave Steward, US Coast Guard Licensed Captain

Roy chooses his words carefully – not too many words – just enough to inspire imagined characters and life events, and then he stops. It is in his stopping at just the right time that intrigues me to think on.
– Diann Gilmore, LMSW-AP

Capturing and painting everyday life scenes with a paintbrush of words, Roy creates lived experiences into familiar memories before our eyes. His stories reveal that by observing and listening to, what might be considered the ordinariness of life, we can uplift our ability to be truly present in life.

This collection of short stories and walking prayers is about Roy’s ability to listen with purpose to life, to connect with people and an appreciation for all those who shaped his life personally and professionally.

These short stories and prayers take you, the reader, on a journey of connections with people’s hopes, sorrows, spirit, and soul. Each chapter is connected to those things that make all of us who we are today.

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