Do You Buildup or Tear Down

When children play with wood or plastic blocks, one child may choose to use blocks to build a house, a street, or even a bridge. Another child may not like what the first child is building, showing the positive way blocks can be used, even in the play of as child The second child may tear down the house, the bridge, whether this child has any idea of what to build of their own.

We see this same behavior in congress, on social media platforms, school board or city council meetings. What someone or some groups create and give energy too, is blocked, demeaned, voted against.

In our professional, social, and community lives, are we building, helping others, looking into the future, or are we ensuring no one or no group will be successful, organizing with others to block, to tear down.

Choose your path. Build and support others whether in planting trees, clean water, safe streets and safe housing for all.